Monday, April 27, 2009


What can we expect from the Obama Administration backing up Israel? Forget about Carter and Camp David; Chamberlain and Munich are a better comparison. Barack cozies up to dictators and delivers pain and suffering:

During the Presidential Campaign, Obama said he'd make dialog with our adversaries and restore the esteem which the United States held prior to the Iraq Invasion.

Recent actions by the Obama Administrations have done little to reassure Israelis. On the contrary, the current message being telegraphed from Washington to Tel Aviv is: get ready to evacuate the West Bank settlements if you want our help with Iran. What is more disturbing is that similar concessions are not being sought from Iran. The Guardian reported April 14: "In what amounts to a major policy shift, the Obama administration is set to drop as a precondition for the start of negotiations on the nuclear issue - that Iran first suspends its uranium enrichment process. The precondition has been the biggest stumbling block in efforts over the past few years to open talks. The Bush administration insisted upon it but Tehran adamantly refused."

I hope the next Brit that visits the White House gifts him an umbrella, for all the excrement that is about to befall the people of the United States (and Israel).

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  1. I guess I shouldn't be surprised the MSM isn't making anything out of Obama's gestures to the thugs of the world. Maybe they could at least ask when he's planning for karaoke night with Kim Jong Il.