Tuesday, June 30, 2009


When did the Ark of the Covenant disappear? This article proposes that, based on scripture, the Ark is not present in the Final Temple after Messiah comes.

Possible locations of the Ark.

The Ark of the Covenant last seen in scripture:

The last mention of the Ark in the Hebrew Bible is in the Book of Kings, written around 600 - 575 BC, although there were doubtless earlier source documents that are no longer known. It specifies that there was nothing in the Ark except the tablets. The Ark itself vanished during the Babylonian Conquest, around 587 BC. So the writers of the Book of Kings overlapped with the time when the Ark was in the (First) Temple. There is no mention of an Ark in the Second Temple, and it is generally agreed that there wasn't one.

- posted by Valeria, Special Correspondent to STORMBRINGER on Bible Prophecy and Temple issues.


  1. Why should anyone care about this fake Ark of the Covenant when a much more important holy relic has already been discovered in Stephan Huller's book, the Real Messiah:


    Huller went to Venice and proved that the Throne of St. Mark in the Basilica San Marco dates to the beginning of Christianity. It proves that Christianity started in Egypt and derives its teachings from the worship of Isis, Osiris and the pagan gods of Egypt.

    This is a real historical object, i.e. it is not a fake. You can see it with your own two eyes the next time you go to Italy. It is also being made into a TV documentary for a US Cable network.

    Again, why waste your time with this 'Ark of the Covenant' nonsense when it is completely fake.

    You don't have to buy Huller's book. Go to his blog instead wwww.stephanhuller.blogspot.com.

    This is the real truth about the real religion of the Real Messiah.


  2. (commenting on Jacob's post) This is "real" apostasy! "Let God be true,but every man a liar." Romans 3:4