Sunday, January 20, 2013


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  1. WHAT?!@?@???@?@?!!!!?!?!?! Nobody had any comment for this pic?!!??!?
    OK, the chick on the left with the (I think) NBA cap is a no-go zone for me...with a NBA cap it means she's been dribbled down the court by the team fo' shure; if ya know wad I mean!
    The chick in the middle with the yellow...wowza....has a room key(?) on her wrist or is that the card for the beer bunker...dunno...would like to find out and I bet she could show you how to open the bung hole on that keg....of beer.
    And finally, that Greek godess on the right...with daddies credit card in her hand.....yes dear I do like olives and I bet an olive oil bath with you would be great for my skin...fore or back.... skin....
    Oh my; I'm on a roll!!!!